Hey, SJWs, did you know your made-up word, ableist, completely contradicts the basic rules of linguistics that most people have down at, like, age ten? You see, when you add a suffix beginning with a vowel (IE, -ist) to a word that ends in a silent E (IE, able), you drop the E because it is no longer needed. For example, like + -ing = liking, not likeing.

And no, able is not different just because it ends in LE. Let’s take a word that ends with exactly the same sound, like scale. Scale + -ing = scaling, not scaleing. Therefore, able + -ist = ablist, not ableist. It’s deliciously ironic that people who rail against others ‘insulting’ people partially because of lesser intelligence demonstrate such a lack of intelligence.

"But English grammar rules were invented by white people!" I hear some fragile SJW protesting. So were computers. So was the internet. So was tumblr. If you don’t like utilizing things made by white people, stop using all of those things. LOL.

Hi there. Linguist with a degree here, and I taught English as a Foreign Language at a University. So basically, I’ve spent the last 7 years of my life heavily involved in the field that you’re trying to talk about.

Fuck off, because you know nothing about “basic rules of linguistics”. Those “rules of grammar” they teach in school are stuffy, unnatural and full of bullshit. There’s no logical reason for 99% of the things they tell you in English class, and speaking and writing in such a way is no more superior than not speaking that way. Language just doesn’t work that way. Our brains are much more sophisticated than that and can process incoming and outgoing information in many more forms than that. English grammar rules were created by white people… and many of them were trying to make English more like Latin… but they were dead fucking wrong about the origin of English, and the idea that you need to create and enforce artificial to preserve a language; what they ended up doing was creating the system which marks people who don’t speak this artificial language.

According to Google NGrams, ableist/ableism dates back to psychologists’ works published in 1978 and the following years into the ’80s, before the internet even was brought into academia, let alone into our homes. Besides, all words are “made up”; arguing that a word is stupid because it’s made up is pointless. iPhone? Made up in 2007. Google? 1997. That’s a stupid word. Heterosexual? Made up in the late 1800s, so can’t use that anymore. I? Well, in its current form it’s about 400 years old, but we can track it back to *egóm, which was made up around 4000 years ago. Such a stupid, useless word!

Not to mention, you’re actually wrong. There are plenty of words that keep the -e when adding a suffix starting with a vowel. The bolded words have “silent E” (and you’re wrong, again, as “able” does not have silent E)

  • ageist
  • anteing
  • apeing
  • being
  • bingeing
  • casteism
  • dilettanteism
  • eyeing
  • illeism
  • Janeiteism
  • kamikazeing
  • karateist
  • meism
  • oboeist
  • ogreism
  • Orangeism
  • routeing
  • singeing
  • swingeing
  • sizeist
  • tingeing
  • ukuleleist
  • yuppieism

And that’s not including words with multiple accepted spellings, words that end in <-ee> (eg, decreeing) or words like “theist” that are made of a foreign root + -ist, -ism, etc… Or words with suffixes starting with vowels other than <-i-> (eg, changeable, noticeable, courageous). Those rules from English class are not only bullshit, but even if they were worth their salt, they’d still have tons of exceptions.

Your example of <scale> fails because the <le> doesn’t even function the same way; in one, it lengthens the <a> of a single syllable word, and in the other, it marks that the word is two syllables. One is silent, the other isn’t. (and I don’t think anyone would even make that “scale” argument in the first place)

Oh, and by the way, spelling isn’t grammar. SPELLING ISN’T GRAMMAR. Us linguists really need to get business cards to hand out with that written on them. Everything you know about grammar is wrong.

Your argument that people who “don’t like using white people things” should stop using the internet, tumblr and computers is a pretty weak straw man and you fucking know that that’s not the issue at hand.

Basically, congratulations: you’ve made the most poorly thought out argument for “rules of linguistics” that I’ve ever seen.

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" Write drunk, edit sober. "
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this classic fm set tonight is serious.

i’ve got my boyfriend who is 90kms away listening to while watching RBT on telly and apparently it’s perfectly in sync.

the cello arrives just as she’s blowing into the machine.

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We are gathered here today because SOMEBODY *glares at coffin* couldn’t stay alive.

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